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As the central feature of the face, your nose is an important part of facial harmony. Some patients feel self-conscious if their nose is irregular, too prominent, or takes attention away from other attractive features. Everyone wants to pose for the camera (or the bathroom mirror) without worry.

Dr. Mark Samaha’s skill and passion make this possible.

If you’re looking for a rhinoplasty in the Montreal area, you want a well-balanced face and natural-looking profile. As a double-board certified surgeon in ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery and Royal College-certified surgeon, Dr. Samaha has the talent and techniques to create harmonious, long-lasting results.

An Artistic Eye

Plastic surgery is as much an art as a science. When refining parts of the body–especially as something as visible as the face–a surgeon needs the mind of a doctor and hand of a sculptor.

Dr. Samaha has more than just skill with a scalpel. He also has an eye for aesthetics, creating a result that is uniquely suited for each patient. This attention to detail is the foundation of all his treatments. Whether it’s the gentle slope of a nose or the subtle arch of an eyebrow, Dr. Samaha knows a sense of artistry is what creates beautiful, satisfying results.

Improved Recovery

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex aesthetic procedures. It requires a high level of technical skill and intimate knowledge of nasal anatomy. When undergoing this treatment, Dr. Samaha wants you to feel as safe and at ease as possible. This is why he uses an innovative approach to make recovery more comfortable.

After surgery, you can go home without any “packing” (gauze) in the nose. Instead, Dr. Samaha places a small piece of cotton on either side of the nose tip, which can be gently removed later that night. This technique makes a noticeable difference in recovery since most discomfort after traditional rhinoplasty is actually not from the surgery itself, but instead the large amount of packing. This approach removes worries of headaches, pressure, and discomfort. Rhinoplasty is now as comfortable as possible.

Individualized Treatment

No two patients are exactly the same, so Dr. Samaha focuses on personalized treatments, adjusting the procedure to help you achieve your personal goals. In rhinoplasty, this involves harmonizing the nose with the patient’s unique facial structure and features.

High Quality Care

At the end of the day, you want a surgeon you can trust. Dr. Samaha is a rhinoplasty expert dedicated to that attentive, personal touch.

As a Harvard-trained professional who has performed over 2,400 rhinoplasties, he has a background that inspires confidence. Paired with a kind bedside manner and a dedication to care and safety, he is a true facial specialist that gives your surgery the attention it deserves.

If you’re interested in rhinoplasty in the Montreal area, know you’re in good hands with Dr. Samaha. Request a personal consultation online or call (514) 613-3004 to learn more.