Educator at McGill

As an associate professor at McGill University since 2002, Dr. Samaha has a strong commitment to teaching. He regularly gives courses and lectures at McGill University as well as nationally and internationally. Teaching the next generations of surgeons to provide the best possible care and surgical techniques to their patients is very important to him.

Thanks to his reputation for excellence in facial plastic surgery in Montreal, Dr. Samaha has been honored with numerous teaching awards over the years. Among them is the “Best Teacher Award” of the department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, which he was awarded twice.

The Canadian Facial Plastic Surgery Course

In 2009, Dr. Samaha created the McGill Facial Plastic Surgery Course. He has continued to direct and instruct this course annually. He leads a team of instructors from across the country and the USA who teach and share their expertise and skills.

The course is the only one of its kind in Canada and draws an audience of residents and practicing physicians from Canada, the US, and abroad, who are keen to learn and perfect their surgical skills and techniques

The unique nature of the course is that participants have the opportunity to practice surgical techniques, taught by Dr. Samaha and his colleagues, on cadavers in order to improve their skills before performing surgery on their patients.

Dr. Mark Samaha

Meet Dr. Mark Samaha

A double board-certified otolaryngologist whose practice focuses exclusively on facial plastic surgery, Dr. Samaha is highly qualified in facial aesthetics. Learn more about our physician and how he's carefully refined his skills to sculpt your beautiful face.

Meet Dr. Samaha

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