Computer Simulation

An integral part of the consultation for certain types of facial surgery (rhinoplasty, chin implants) is computer simulation (also known as computer imaging).

This computer simulation is an important tool to enhance communication between Dr. Samaha and his Montreal facial plastic surgery patients. This simulation allows the patient to visualize an approximation of the potential result. The patient is then able to communicate whether it corresponds to the result she is seeking and had envisioned. Each person has his/her own visual sense of what constitutes a “beautiful” nose or chin. Having a tool that visually displays a potential result facilitates communication by insuring that both Dr. Samaha and the patient have a similar vision of the patient’s goals.

Dr. Mark Samaha

Meet Dr. Mark Samaha

A double board-certified otolaryngologist whose practice focuses exclusively on facial plastic surgery, Dr. Samaha is highly qualified in facial aesthetics. Learn more about our physician and how he's carefully refined his skills to sculpt your beautiful face.

Meet Dr. Samaha

At our clinic, these simulations are not used as a marketing tool by showing the patient a “dream result” in order to “sell” them on a procedure. Rather, Dr. Samaha believes in using them as a tool to facilitate communication by showing  patients what he feels would be a realistic result surgical result. He also cautions all patients that it is important to recognize that this is indeed a simulation, not a guarantee of the final result, as it is not possible to predict 100% the healing and other factors specific to every individual that influence the outcome of a surgery.

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