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Dr. Samaha feels that the old saying “you have to suffer to be beautiful” should no longer have a place in today’s age of advances in surgical techniques and technology. He strongly believes that facial plastic surgery in his Montreal, Quebec, clinic need not be painful. In addition, recovery must be rapid to allow patients to benefit from a great result while resuming their routine as quickly as possible.

These beliefs in no pain and minimal recovery guided the evolution of Dr. Samaha’s practice from the time he began Montreal facial plastic surgery in 2002. Specifically, Dr. Samaha created a system of maximum results, minimum recovery, which he has continued to improve and perfect over the years. At the core of this system is an excellent result, no discomfort, and a rapid recovery.

This system guides all aspects and processes in our clinic. It involves every step of the patient’s journey with us: consultation, planning, type of anesthesia, surgical technique, and postoperative care.


A thorough examination of the patient’s anatomy and a clear understanding of her or his goals allows Dr. Samaha to select the least invasive procedure and technique that will accomplish or exceed these esthetic goals.

Dr. Samaha’s Rhinoplasty Patients, 7 Days Post-Op

Dr. Samaha’s Rhinoplasty Patients, 7 Days Post-Op Dr. Samaha’s Rhinoplasty Patients, 7 Days Post-Op Dr. Samaha’s Rhinoplasty Patients, 7 Days Post-OpDr. Samaha’s Rhinoplasty Patients, 7 Days Post-Op Dr. Samaha’s Rhinoplasty Patients, 7 Days Post-Op Dr. Samaha’s Rhinoplasty Patients, 7 Days Post-Op


Between the consultation and the day of surgery, Dr. Samaha schedules three separate times to thoroughly analyze photographs taken at the time of consultation. He plans and refines in his mind every surgical maneuver he will use to obtain the desired esthetic improvements, with minimal disruption to normal tissues.

Each of the three different analyses sessions may reveal another detail and further refine the plan to enhance the final result. This thorough approach is rewarded with results Dr. Samaha’s patients appreciate.


Dr. Samaha’s use of a minimally invasive version of “twilight” anesthesia avoids the complications and some of the risks of general anesthesia while providing the patient with a maximum degree of comfort. Avoiding general anesthesia not only reduces risk, it also allows for a rapid recovery with less swelling and bruising.


This is possibly the most important part of the system. Over a period of years, Dr. Samaha has developed and refined minimally invasive surgical techniques that minimize disruption to the tissues, and result in minimal bleeding, swelling and bruising. Patients report little to no post-operative discomfort. The recovery is painless, overall easier on the patient, and very short compared to traditional standard techniques allowing results to be seen sooner.

Facelift and Neck Lift by Dr. Samaha, POST-OP

A Dr. Samaha Facelift Patient A Dr. Samaha Facelift Patient A Dr. Samaha Facelift Patient A Dr. Samaha Facelift Patient A Dr. Samaha Facelift Patient

Postoperative Care

Following surgery, medications are prescribed to enhance healing and minimize swelling. A close follow-up and meticulous post-operative care are essential for optimal healing. Dr. Samaha takes measures to control the healing process to help swelling resolve quickly and insure a thin scar that is well hidden. The quick resolution of swelling and bruising allow patients to return to normal daily activities much sooner.

Dr. Mark Samaha

Meet Dr. Mark Samaha

A double board-certified otolaryngologist whose practice focuses exclusively on facial plastic surgery, Dr. Samaha is highly qualified in facial aesthetics. Learn more about our physician and how he's carefully refined his skills to sculpt your beautiful face.

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In Conclusion

Every step of the process aims to maximize the aesthetic result while minimizing risk, discomfort and recovery time. Every step is carried out with care and attention to detail. Dr. Samaha has been applying this process for years and continues to develop new and innovative ways to further optimize it. His close attention to detail, without compromise, has led to his reputation and renown.

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