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A mini facelift, also known as a mini-lift, is a less extensive facelift with shorter scars, shorter recovery, and a lower cost. Dr. Samaha receives many requests for mini facelifts in his Montreal plastic surgery practice each year. However, both his and other surgeons’ experiences have shown that the results of the usual mini-lift technique are not long lasting. Some studies have shown that 50% of patients required another “tuck-up” procedures within 2 years following their original mini-lift surgery.

The Refresh Lift: A better mini facelift option

Due to the limited longevity of the traditional mini facelift procedure, Dr. Samaha developed the Refresh Lift after many years of research and experience. This technique is minimally invasive and has the advantages of a traditional mini-lift – concealed scars and shorter recovery – while also providing a longer-lasting result. Like the mini-lift, this technique does not include a neck lift, and if a patient has additional areas of concern, Dr. Samaha will provide his expert opinion on the recommended procedures to best treat their unique situation.

Before & After Mini Facelift/Refresh Lift

Who is a candidate for this surgical technique?

This minimally invasive procedure is best suited for patients who do not have a significant amount of skin sagging and are starting to notice the beginning signs of facial aging. Some patients with more advanced sagging of the jowl, cheek, and neck area may require a full facelift.

Example of an ideal candidate:

A young woman with a relatively well-defined neck and good skin quality who is starting to notice small jowls and sagging in the cheek area that makes her look somewhat tired would be a great candidate for a Refresh Lift procedure. In such a patient, the surgery is likely to provide an excellent result, correcting her jowls, rejuvenating her face, gaining several years on the aging process, and delaying the need for a more extensive procedure.

Patients who are good candidates have a very high level of satisfaction with their Refresh Lift.

Mini Facelift Before & After Photos

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MiniFacelift - Case 20

Mini Facelift – Click to see more views

Ces photos sont publiées à titre indicatif afin de fournir de l’information sur la nature de l’intervention. Elles ne constituent aucunement une garantie de résultat.
These photos are published for information only in order to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

Personalized, tailored surgery

Dr. Samaha does not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to facial rejuvenation because every patient is uniquely affected by the aging process. Therefore, each patient’s face requires the surgery to be tailored to address their specific aging changes in the most effective way.

What is the best age for a Refresh Lift?

Most patients who are good candidates for a Refresh Lift are in their early 40s. Patients in their 50s or older usually have more significant droopiness requiring a complete facelift and neck lift rather than a mini-lift or Refresh Lift.

How many years will a mini facelift take off my face?

While the result of a traditional mini-lift may last 2 years, the result of a Refresh Lift, in Dr. Samaha’s experience, lasts 8 to 10 years or longer. It provides a refreshed appearance to patients who are starting to have a more aged and tired look to their face. Finally, one of the great benefits of a Refresh Lift is delaying the progression of the signs of aging in younger women and the eventual need for a facelift.

Dr. Mark Samaha

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What is the cost of a mini facelift in Montreal?

The cost of any procedure, whether the usual mini-lift or Refresh Lift, depends on several factors mentioned on our facelift page, but a Refresh Lift costs less than a full facelift. If a neck lift is also needed, this will add to the cost of the procedure.

What are the advantages of this technique over a full facelift?

The advantages of a Refresh Lift are the same as those of a mini-lift:

  • Shorter surgery
  • Shorter recovery
  • Lower cost

For the right candidate, a Refresh Lift can yield great results with rejuvenating effects lasting several years.

Patients who are good candidates have excellent results and a very high level of satisfaction with a Refresh Lift. Dr. Samaha will evaluate your specific needs and will be able to identify which surgical technique is right for you during your consultation.

How long does the surgery take?

Although the Refresh Lift procedure can be performed in less than 2 hours, Dr. Samaha prefers to take the necessary time to be extra meticulous with this procedure, including closing the incisions. This extra care is rewarded by excellent results and a hidden scar.

If additional work is being done, such as a neck lift, it can add 45 minutes to the surgical time.

Are the scars of a mini-lift shorter than the scars of a full facelift?

Yes. However, more important than the length of the scars is how well they are hidden. A scar needs to be well hidden and not visible to the casual observer. Whether a facelift or a Refresh Lift, Dr. Samaha spends a significant part of the surgical time on closing the incisions to create scars that are so well hidden they are difficult to see even by the patient’s hairdresser who styling their hair.

Mini facelift incision placement and scar near ear

Is mini facelift or Refresh Lift surgery painful?

Much like a facelift performed at our facial plastic surgery center, a Refresh Lift is not painful either during or after the surgery. Although Dr. Samaha prescribes pain medication to be used as needed after surgery, the majority of his patients do not use it.

How long does it take to recover after a mini-lift or Refresh Lift?

Most patients undergoing a Refresh Lift at our facial plastic surgery center in Montreal are able to return to daily activities, with some make-up, in 10 days. This short recovery time is largely due to Dr. Samaha’s focus on minimally invasive techniques he’s developed over nearly 20 years, which culminated in his Maximum Result Minimum Recovery™ approach.


Dr. Samaha has developed techniques and methods to minimize swelling and bruising after surgery for his patients to shorten their recovery. This has culminated in his Maximum Result Minimum Recovery system.

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Ces photos sont publiées à titre indicatif afin de fournir de l’information sur la nature de l’intervention. Elles ne constituent aucunement une garantie de résultat.
These photos are published for information only in order to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

How much swelling should I expect after a Refresh Lift?

Similar to the swelling seen with the usual mini-lift, the Refresh Lift technique used by Dr. Samaha results in minimal swelling, which is limited to the areas just in front of the ears. About 10 days after the procedure, most swelling as well as bruising will have subsided and most patients feel comfortable returning to work and social activities.

How does a Refresh Lift compare to a mini facelift?

A Refresh Lift is similar to a mini-lift when it comes to short scar, short recovery, and lower cost. However, it is superior in the results obtained and, most importantly, it is long lasting, providing a rejuvenating effect for many years.

Dr. Samaha looks forward to helping you discover your youthful best with a mini facelift or a Refresh Lift in Montreal, Quebec. Request your consultation with Dr. Samaha online or call us at (514) 613-3004 to make your appointment. Dr. Samaha attracts patients from Quebec City, Laval, and Gatineau.

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