upper eyelid

“I had upper eyelid surgery 4 months ago to correct heavy drooping eyelids, that of course worsened with age. I researched my surgeon and decided on Dr Samaha because of his excellent credentials and because I felt most comfortable with a plastic surgeon that specialized in facial surgery. He was very receptive to answering my list of questions prior to surgery. The surgery itself was not a big deal. The staff were supportive and offered a place for me to recuperate, but I left the clinic within 10 min of my surgery because I felt fine. I worked from home the first week till the bruises were gone and was back out to work within 7 days. My eyes look great. The scars are invisibile; no one can see them even when I point them out. The final look is exactly what I wanted. I was a bit surprised that the lids stayed numb for many weeks but that corrected after 3-4 months. I would recommend this doctor without hesitation. He has all the qualities you want.”