“I had an otoplasty done with him and picked him because he was a Cosmetic [email protected] initial consult he didn’t just focus on the fact that he could do it,but wanted to know why i wanted to do it and how i had come up to this juncture in my decision process.He explained the Surgery+recovery process involved.He encouraged consult other options before making a final decision did not push for surgery, he actually wanted me to take my time before making a decision. At this point i asked him how his day was,cause he was late in getting to me and it was his answer that convinced me that he was the best person for the job.his answer was that he had been a busier day then usual and he was sorry for getting to me late.I responded to saying that it must be a long and tiring day. His response was, yes it was a long day, but he didn’t see himself as self being busy or tired, especially when he gets to do what he loved and enjoyed everyday.I highly recommend him!”