Chin Augmentation

The chin is part of an overall esthetic “unit” which includes the nose, lips, and cheeks. In the overall balance of this esthetic unit, particularly in terms of the profile, alignment of the chin can be significant in providing harmony to the overall facial appearance. A strong chin in a man frequently accentuates his masculine features. In a woman, a slightly smaller and softer chin confers a more feminine appearance.

A chin augmentation here in Montreal, Quebec, may be performed as a single procedure, but is just as often performed as an accessory procedure to a rhinoplasty (nose job) or a facelift surgery, to provide an additional enhancement to the final outcome.

Chin Augmentation / Augmentation du menton
 Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Case: 1 of 9
Case: 1 of 9

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Chin augmentation by Dr. Samaha:
Noticeable results, imperceptible scar

Patient One

Patient with scar under chin

Typical chin implant scar in a female patient hidden under the chin in the natural crease that exists between the chin and the neck.

Patient Two

Patient with scar under chin

Typical chin implant scar in a male patient hidden under the chin in the natural crease that exists between the chin and he neck. Note that facial hair still grows through the scar.


Chin augmentation is usually accomplished by placing an implant to enhance the volume of a weak chin and improve both the contour of the chin and the profile. The implant is inserted either through a small incision in the mouth or under the chin that usually leaves a small well-concealed scar. Dr. Samaha prefers the latter as it allows for a more precise placement of the implant.

Dr. Mark Samaha

Meet Dr. Mark Samaha

A double board-certified otolaryngologist whose practice focuses exclusively on facial plastic surgery, Dr. Samaha is highly qualified in facial aesthetics. Learn more about our physician and how he's carefully refined his skills to sculpt your beautiful face.

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Chin Implant Material

In Montreal, Dr. Samaha uses chin implant materials that provide an esthetically pleasing appearance, are well tolerated by patients, and have a good safety record. Different shapes and sizes are available to achieve the desired shape, contour, and degree of prominence, depending on the patient’s needs. A chin augmentation does not affect the bite or chewing.

Maximum Results/ Minimum Recovery - chin after 5 daysMAXIMUM RESULT MINIMUM RECOVERY™

Dr. Samaha has developed techniques and methods to minimize swelling and bruising after surgery for his patients to shorten their recovery. This has culminated in his Maximum Result Minimum Recovery system.

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The Day of the Surgery

A sizer (an implant used for planning the location and size before the surgery begins) is used to mark the skin in the area prior to surgery. The area is numbed with a local anesthetic. Once the chin and surrounding area are completely numbed and the patient is under twilight anesthesia (asleep in a dream state), the procedure is performed. A dressing is placed on the chin to secure the area.

Following a chin augmentation procedure, patients are able to go home within one hour following surgery. At our clinic, chin augmentation is performed under sedation anesthesia (also known as “twilight anesthesia”). Occasionally a patient may prefer to have this procedure done under local anesthesia only (like at the dentist’s office) which we do offer. This possibility should be discussed with Dr. Samaha at the time of the consultation.

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Following Surgery

A soft diet is recommended for a few days following surgery. The swelling from the surgery will gradually decrease over the ensuing days. The sutures and dressing are removed at the first post-operative visit, approximately one week after surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the restrictions after surgery?

The main restriction is the soft diet in the first few days. In addition, vigorous exercise and physical activity should be avoided for one week. Patients can otherwise resume normal activities immediately following surgery. Cold compresses on the area are soothing, provided they are applied gently.

How long is the recovery?

Recovery time is about 7 days. Patients are usually comfortable returning to work after the removal of the dressing at 7 days, some prior.

What about bruising?

Some swelling on the chin and surrounding area is expected. This tends to be largely resolved by the time of the first post-operative appointment, one week following surgery. Bruising is very uncommon.

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