Forehead Reduction In Montreal

Many individuals aspire to have a well-proportioned and symmetrical face. This is why those with a larger forehead or high hairline can sometimes feel self-conscious and seek an aesthetic solution. At our Montreal facial plastic surgery office, we are committed to assisting individuals in enhancing their facial aesthetics.

What is Forehead Reduction Surgery?

A Forehead Reduction, also called Hairline Lowering surgery, shortens the height of the forehead. Forehead prominence is a genetic trait that disrupts the proportions of the face by creating an apparent emptiness in the upper third of the face, due to an unusually high hairline and high forehead.

Patient with prominent forehead. Note the long distance between the brows and the high hairline.

To help address this disproportion, Dr. Samaha performs Forehead Reduction surgery at his Montreal, Quebec facial plastic surgery practice balance the patient’s facial proportions and provide a more aesthetically pleasing hairline.

Patient with prominent forehead before and 5 months after forehead reduction surgery.

How is the surgery done?

Forehead Reduction consists of removing approximately 2.5 to 3.0 cm of skin from the upper portion of the forehead. The hairline is then lowered with the scar hidden behind the first 2-3 rows of hair.

a) Schematic of patient with high forehead. b) Schematic showing area of skin removal to reduce the forehead and lower the hairline.

c) Once the skin is removed, the hairline and scalp are lowered. d) Schematic of the same patient with now a shorter forehead.

When skillfully and artistically performed, the procedure is associated with a very high level of satisfaction. Patients are usually thrilled and feel more comfortable styling their hair back, revealing their new forehead of normal height.

Dr. Mark Samaha

Meet Dr. Mark Samaha

A double board-certified otolaryngologist whose practice focuses exclusively on facial plastic surgery, Dr. Samaha is highly qualified in facial aesthetics. Learn more about our physician and how he's carefully refined his skills to sculpt your beautiful face.

Meet Dr. Samaha

Is there a non-surgical option?

Aside from camouflaging the high forehead using hairstyles or hats, there is no non-surgical treatment that reduces the height of the forehead, and lowers the hairline. Forehead Reduction surgery is the only option that reliably accomplishes this.

Who is a candidate for Forehead Reduction?

Patients who usually seek a consultation for Forehead Reduction are often younger patient, or occasionally patients in their 40’s or 50’s who did not have the opportunity previously. Patients who are bothered by a high forehead, avoid styling their hair back, or use their hair to hide their long forehead are candidates for this procedure.

Will it affect the eyebrows?

No. During Forehead Reduction, Dr. Samaha moves the hairline down but does not move the eyebrows up.

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Does Forehead Reduction Leave Noticeable Scars? 

All surgical procedures leave scars, but Dr. Samaha’s surgical technique results in well placed, thin scars that are imperceptible.

Patient with prominent forehead before and 5 months after forehead reduction surgery.

Patient with scar at hairline If properly designed and fashioned, hair should grow through the scar, as it does here, to camouflage it. As can be seen, the scar is very difficult to detect.

What’s the difference between forehead reduction surgery and a brow lift?

Forehead reduction surgery and brow lift are two distinct procedures that cater to different aesthetic needs. Forehead reduction surgery aims to decrease the size of the forehead, whereas a brow lift focuses on reducing the appearance of an aging forehead. If you’re concerned with wrinkles or a heavy brow, you can learn more about brow lift surgery here.

What to Expect During Surgery

The procedure takes approximately 1 hour to complete, and patients are given time to recover in the clinic. Our Montreal forehead reduction patients go home within 1 to 2 hours following surgery. A bandage to protect the surgical area is placed and a drain will be placed in the incision to collect any fluid that may accumulate under the skin during the first 24-48 hours.

Recovery After Surgery

First 72 Hours

Patients return to the clinic for a follow-up appointment 24-48 hours after surgery, at which time the bandage and drain are removed. Dr. Samaha’s nurse will then place a lighter dressing, which the patient can easily remove and replace at home according to instructions provided. Patients can wash their hair 72 hours after surgery.

First Two Weeks

During the second follow-up appointment (7-10 days following surgery) the Sutures are removed. At this point there is usually little or no bruising and very minimal swelling. Dr. Samaha examines the forehead, incisions, and overall recovery. It’s at this point that many patients feel well enough to resume their normal activities, including work if their job isn’t strenuous.

First Three Months

The worst of the swelling should begin to subside during the first week, at which point the initial result becomes apparent. Further “settling” continues in the weeks and months following surgery. Usually, within 2-3 months, the final result fully manifests, with scars significantly flattened, faded, and hidden in the roots of the hair.


What’s the best age for a forehead reduction?

Most patients are in their 20’s and 30’s but the procedure can be performed at any age.

What should I avoid after surgery?

You should avoid vigorous exercise and heavy lifting for about 10 days. Other maneuvers that require straining are also to be avoided, including bending forward. Otherwise, patients may carry out usual activities.

How long is the recovery?

Approximately one week. Most of the swelling and bruising have subsided by that time.

Is it a painful procedure?

No. Forehead reduction is not usually associated with any pain. Most patients do not need the pain medication prescribed.

What about swelling and bruising?

Dr. Samaha’s technique is minimally invasive in order to minimize swelling and bruising after surgery. As a result, swelling is minimal and resolves very rapidly. Some patients may have minimal bruising under the eyes, which gradually fades and disappears by the end of the first week following surgery.

How long will my results last? Will I need another forehead reduction later?

The effect is permanent. No additional forehead lift procedure is necessary, even with age.

Will my results look natural?

Dr. Samaha’s is known for his natural results. The most important goal in all of his surgeries is to provide a noticeable improvement which avoids an operated look. People should not be able to tell that the patient had cosmetic surgery but should notice that the patient looks more refreshed and attractive.

We look forward to working with you to create the best forehead reduction results possible. Request your consultation online or call us at (514) 613-3004. Dr. Samaha attracts patients from Quebec City, Laval, and Gatineau.

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